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The famous architect Le Corbusier once said 
"The key is light and light illuminates shapes and shapes have emotional power." 

coCreations focusses on idea generation, brainstorming, and green energy solutions:
 For more than two decades we have implemented private and corporate lighting projects such as restaurants, hospitals, major universities, museums, and banks. 

Just as light needs to be organized to be effective and valuable to light architecture, shedding light into our own lives bestows order, and presents us with insights into our priorities.  So for us to learn how to create a wonder-filled life, it’s vital to create inner and outer spaces that are well lite. 
The creative process used in lighting design projects is a perfect foundation for our training and facilitation services as it integrates both aesthetic (right brain) and technical (left brain) integration.

shining from WITHIN
coCreations' approach delivers creative solutions 
that impart how creativity is linked to wellness, effectiveness and leadership
through facilitation, team events, individual coaching, 
creativity workshops, and public speaking. 

Proven, trackable methods demonstrate that inspired sustained creativity can be learned to reduce stress, increase enjoyment of life and achieve personal, professional and corporate goals. 

Illumination, as with enlightenment, allows us to create the life we wish for.

Light is an integral part of how we see and, more importantly, how we perceive our world. Darkness is much more than the absence of light: it’s an entire universe of concealed form.  When light emerges, it brings form out of that darkness, having meaning in relationship to its’ backdrop. 

Contact Louise at louise@coCreations.net or at 613.565.2013.mailto:louise@coCreations.netshapeimage_1_link_0

architecture, light & inner light