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Creative Thinking        
We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of services through innovative practices that reflect the changing needs in a rapidly changing world and awaken the best in human spirit. Benefits include employee engagement and commitment; reduced stress and sick leave; better employee recruitment; improved employee performance and team work. We provide clients with integrated support in the following areas:

Consulting Service
Strategy development & solution design
Business process re-engineering
Program evaluation and system audits
Career transition coaching
Executive coaching 

Facilitation Services 
Team building
Strategic Planning

Professional Development Programs
Leadership development
Leading through change 
Managing stress creatively
Skills for a healthy workplace

Meetings, round table exchanges, focus groups
seminars and conferences
presentations and public speaking

Specialized Audiences 
Workplace Wellness Promoters
Education Boards
Designers and Architects 

In rational decision making, 
how much creativity is acceptable for an organization?
It is easy in our digital age, to lose sight of the organizational conditions that promote high levels of creativity. At times it seems as if technology, is responsible for such progress, but it is not the case. Rather, it is people, working together in high-performing collaboration who reach beyond boundaries to come up with new ideas. Organisations that encourage innovation are more likely to succeed than those who are stuck in their ways of doing things.  
 Modify existing solutions
 Question traditional solutions and unconventional methods to find solutions
 Think about problems from a new perspective
 Apply ideas from other disciplines or fields of research to solve problems
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We offer training, development and consulting services designed to advance the sustainable development and well being of individuals and organizations.
We provide tools and techniques to encourage new problem solving approaches and foster environments in which creativity thrives.
Please visit or call Louise at 613.565.2013 for more information. http://www.coCreations.cashapeimage_5_link_0